April 28, 2015: A Vineyard Wedding in the Fall - Shanna Edberg Photography

April 28, 2015: A Vineyard Wedding in the Fall

I adore photographing my friends' weddings. Originally this couple was reluctant to ask me to be on the job when I would otherwise be relaxing and celebrating with them, but there's no way I would say no! I have so much fun with wedding photography, and it's even better when I know the couple. Every captured smile and laugh feels like a victory and a gift to my friends.

(Plus, I'm eternally grateful that these "friendor" weddings got me my start as a wedding photographer!)

As usual, the day started early in the morning with the bride and her 'maids. The bride's heritage is Norwegian, so she wore a traditional Norwegian wedding crown along with the veil her mother wore at her own wedding.

The ladies had all met in the anime club in college. They were a pretty silly group!

Before heading to Tomasello, we took some pictures with the bride's parents and the groom's baby brother, the ring bearer.

The bride was SO READY to get married!

The venue was Tomasello Winery in New Jersey, and the ceremony took place outdoors right in the midst of the vineyards. The lighting was perfect for photography, with some clouds to diffuse and soften the sunlight.

While the guests filed in , the groom and groomsmen put on their boutonnieres (sidenote: it took me years to learn how to spell that word!) and the bride remained hidden in the reception area.

Finally it was time to walk down the aisle! Fun fact: the entire ceremony music program came from anime soundtracks, and the bridesmaids walked in to the Totoro movie soundtrack.

The ceremony was fairly traditional, but with a personal touch added by a unity candle ceremony and an officiant who had known the bride since childhood. Not to mention some happy tears!

Before we could head to the party, formal pictures had to be taken. But we kept it fun.

The reception ballroom at Tomasello was as classy as the ceremony area, and beautifully decorated. The little wedding cakes were another Scandinavian feature.

I will admit, I cried during the first dance and parent dances. I mean, you could actually see the bride and groom singing the lyrics to each other while they danced!

The night was full of great moments, like when the DJ started playing the Time Warp.

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