May 19, 2015: Cherry Blossoms Engagement - Shanna Edberg Photography

May 19, 2015: Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session in DC

Since I've been dwelling on firsts lately - my first photography business anniversary (is that a thing?) passed a couple of weeks ago - I'll go ahead and post my first ever engagement session. This actually took place before what I consider to be my first day of business, which was when I started upgrading my equipment, searching for web hosting, and marketing for the express purpose of doing photography as a business rather than a hobby. 

Most wedding photographers start out by assisting and second- or even third-shooting for already-established wedding photographers. My story was a little different: my friends starting getting married and wanted me as their sole wedding photographer! Well, being a wedding photographer is a lot different from being a hobbyist. It requires tons of equipment (backups backups backups) and photographic skills in a variety of specialties and crazy lighting conditions (portraits of course, candids, architectural, food, details or product photography, etc), plus a lot of other skills that I may elaborate in a separate blog.

Anyway, for this first engagement shoot with friends, I screwed up in a terrifying way: I didn't bring any backups. Naturally, when I checked my camera battery before we left for the shoot, I could have sworn that it was reasonably full, and when we arrived at the shooting location, it was close to empty. Yikes!! The second problem was the disastrous downtown DC traffic. It was a hot spring day and a drive that should have taken 15 minutes took maybe four times that, leaving us all cranky and out of sorts when we finally arrived. 

Luckily, the location of the shoot was gorgeous and put us back into the right frame of mind. It was April, and peak cherry blossom season in Washington DC! And the couple was so excited and so in love that it made my job easy. No posing required - just what came as the bride and groom interacted naturally, which is just how I like it. Before we made it to the cherry blossoms, we stumbled into a gorgeous little museum while searching for a bathroom. It turned out to be the Art Museum of the Americas, and we snuck some pictures in a lovely tiled room inside. Afterward, we wandered around the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial and tried to get pictures without the massive crowds of tourists in the background, but alas, my Photoshop skills are not quite there yet. 

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