June 3, 2015: Laura & Paula's LGBT Wedding - Shanna Edberg Photography

June 3, 2015: Laura & Paula's Fall Outdoor LGBT Wedding

This was a crazy wedding shoot for me. It was a freezing November day, the morning after a red-eye flight from California - and my first ever lesbian wedding! We met the two brides in Byron Park in Williamsport, Maryland. The couple actually lives in Ohio, but the state of Ohio does not currently recognize gay marriage. Although the two brides had already had a big wedding celebration in their home state, they made the trek to Maryland to make their marriage official in the eyes of the law.

The park they were getting married in was covered in fallen leaves and decorated for the holidays, but unfortunately the Christmas lights were turned off at the time. Alas, some brightly colored bokeh in the background would have made some incredible wedding photos.

One of the brides was a U.S. army veteran, so the couple took portraits in front of a Christmas toy soldier while we waited for the officiant to arrive.

The wedding ceremony itself was tiny and intimate. The only people attending were the officiant, a friend of one of the bride's from her Army days who served as a witness, the witness's husband, and my assistant and I.

As the happy couple walked out of the gazebo at the end of the ceremony, their friends threw leaves on them!

After the ceremony, we went to a small cafe near the park, where the brides' friend had prepared a cake and gifts.

Finally officially married!

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