September 4, 2015: Officially In Baltimore - Shanna Edberg Photography

September 4, 2015: Officially In Baltimore

I know, I haven't blogged in ages. This has been a crazy summer for me, as my husband and I got married in June, I changed jobs in July, and moved in August from Silver Spring to Baltimore!

So now I'm officially a Baltimore wedding and portrait photographer. Woohoo! Specifically, my husband and I are located in the Charles Village neighborhood near Johns Hopkins University. We lived here when we were in college before the move to DC, and it is so great to be back.

I'm already thinking up fantastic spots for engagements and other portrait shoots nearby. We have Sherwood Gardens, full of tulips, Johns Hopkins with its grand architecture, Fell's Point for historic city charm, and of course the Inner Harbor for some waterfront backdrops. Even our apartment building has a cute little garden with a gazebo that would make a nice outdoor setup.

I cannot get over how lovely this city is. A good chunk of the photos in my Landscapes section are from Baltimore, and in appreciation of my return I'll post them here.

Back to regular wedding and portrait programming soon!

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