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October 27, 2015: Posing Wedding Parties

It's the end of October, and the wedding season is starting to draw to a close. This is my second wedding season as a professional photographer, and I have learned a lot in the meantime.

One of the things I learned is that I dislike posing. Bossing people around isn't really a part of my nature, and I've always hated those cheesy-looking Pinteresty photos that seem like they were made more for outsiders to admire rather than to create the actual memories of the day.

So I'm much more comfortable making jokes and hoping that everyone has a photogenic laughing face. Hey, it worked out brilliantly at Ryan and Brea's wedding. All I did was tell the bride and bridesmaids to go nuts with the silly faces...

...And at the end of it I got this lovely shot of the bride laughing with her bridesmaids!

Or sometimes it pays to be silly for silly's sake. Like the time I suggested that the groomsmen pretend to throw the groom off the bridge they were standing on and into the water below. 

Starting off silly helps everyone loosen up and gets us all a little more comfortable with each other. And once people realize that they can have fun in front of the camera, often they start coming up with their own ideas, and I just go with the flow.

At Nixie and Dean's wedding I had the advantage of knowing most of the wedding party, so it was easy to suggest a group pose that fit their personalities and will hopefully make the bride and groom laugh to look back on. "Okay, now pose like you're in a fighting game!"

"Now pose like you're a superhero!"

This next group shot is my second-shooter husband's work, but I like to call it "The Boardroom Photo." He took advantage of a candid moment with the groomsmen to make the groom look like an all-powerful CEO.

Of course, when you're faced with a large crowd of people who are trusting you to get them into line, capture them in various sequences of groupings and poses, and then get them get back to the wedding reception in time to eat hors d'oeuvres, you can't always wait around for the candid moments to happen. So one of my favorite bridal party posing standbys is to have the bride or groom picked up by the rest of the group.

Although things got a little silly when I suggested that at Alaina and Mike's wedding.

One of my favorite things to do with bridesmaid portraits is to find different ways to show off their bouquets. 

Another classic bridal party grouping is the V. I tried to jazz it up by making them pretend to be dancing couples, but not everyone was equally into that idea.

Have the bride and groom kiss while the bridal party claps and cheers. Good idea?

Everyone lean in and pretend to kiss the groom!

Let's see those shoes, ladies.

Make sure to use the props and seating in the room.

And to close, some nice classic bridal party portraits.

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